Family Session Grand DeTour Illinois

Family Session Grand Detour Illinois

I was thrilled to get the call again from this momma! Paige, Chris and the girls are great fun and I was excited to see them again.

But I was floored when the girls got out of the car. I couldn’t believe how much both of them have grown since last summer.

I commented that this year’s ‘corn crops’ were the tallest I’ve ever seen, so I guess it was a great growing season all around.

Paige chose to have their session in a little town near Dixon, in Grand Detour, Illinois where there were lots of color and texture and ‘quiet’.

We walked the streets and found some great pockets of light in the tall prairie grass and out in front of the ‘John Deere’ museum.

And after a short drive (around the block! … *oh, how I’ve missed using those terms … in Phoenix we don’t really refer to a quick drive as ‘around the block’!!) we continued our session in the middle of the street and snapped

a few in front of an amazing red barn. I love that we could just pull over when ever we felt like it and hop out to continue our session.

The girls were quick to laugh and had a great time showing mom and dad up with their jumping skills.

I’ve already prepared myself for how much they’ll both have changed next year. xoxo


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Until next time,

Amy xoxo

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